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Googbye Mr. Snuggles at The Shorts Film Festival (Australia)

The Shorts Film Festival (Australia) got in touch today, requesting to screen ‘Goodbye Mr. Snuggles’ a good 5 years after it was made. The email read: Our Founding Patron, David Lightfoot, has selected it as this year’s Classic Short – ‘Goodbye Mr Snuggles’ is a wonderfully crafted, comedic and outrageous short film. Of the perfect length with exquisite timing, the filmmakers have delivered a very British take of ‘High Noon’, when an Upper Class shadowy but very modest guardian of the establishment reluctantly has his showdown with an outrageous but ruthlessly murderous clown. ’Goodbye Mr Snuggles’ was a winner in Rushes SOHO UK 2008 and became a standout hit with audiences during SHORTS 08. It was loved so much that it was chosen for a second screening on that year’s Awards night’…It’s one of my very firm favourites from the past seven festivals.

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